Causes of night snoring in a child

According to statistics, almost 5% of Russian children sleep, mainly at the age of 3-7 years. Causes of snoring night in a child? We talk about it precisely in this blog post. If your Russian child during sleep, first of all, you should contact him with an ENT doctor and determine the causes of snoring. Since the child’s airways … Read more

Top 10 best anti snoring devices

Anti  snoring devices  help eliminate those annoying noises that disturb your sleep or the people who live with you in what is supposed to be the best moment of our day… SLEEP!  We will recommend some of the most useful ones so that you can choose the one that best suits your situation and get a better night’s … Read more

15 truths and 15 myths about snoring

There is a lot of information about snoring … Maybe too much. ?  Today there is an excess of information on many topics and the problem of snoring is no less.  Sometimes when we look for answers we find a multitude of pages with scattered and contradictory data.  In this post today we will lay out a list … Read more

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