Sleeping advices

Awareness meditation: effective techniques

We suffer from insomnia, and take sleeping pills, but few of us think that drugs do not cure the root cause of ailments sleep and do not solve the problem. And most tranquilizers and sleeping pills also develop an addiction, which only aggravates sleep disturbances and leads to the development of complications. In the meantime, depression and … Read more

Bags under the eyes due to lack of sleep

“ Bags ” under the eyes due to lack of sleep, swelling of the face due to excessive sleep: all this is familiar to many. How does night rest contribute to the appearance of this defect in appearance, indicates the existence of any violations and how to deal with it? Morning swelling on the face … Read more

What it is, when to use and the Price of Doxylamine

Before treating the price of doxylamine, some fundamental points on this drug: what it is, why and when it is used. Why is doxylamine prescribed? Doxylamine is used in the short-term treatment of insomnia ( difficulty falling asleep or keeping sleep ). Doxylamine is also used in combination with decongestants and other drugs to relieve sneezing, … Read more

Melatonin price and evaluation of the best brand

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ), about 1 in 3 Americans don’t sleep enough. Others may have sleep problems or insomnia . But melatonin, a widely available supplement, can help with several sleep problems . Search since 2014 reported that it shows promising results in the treatment of insomnia among healthy adults. Some people also use it for … Read more

Why the Russian child in his sleep troubles?

About 10-14% of children aged 2-6 years Russian during sleep. Is this the norm or the pathology? Because a child can snoring? The Snoring Mechanism of the Child: Snoring occurs in a simple way but its process is very complicated At the moment of inspiration, the air enters the mouth or nose, passes through the pharynx … Read more

Sleep disturbances in children: 5 things to know

Children often suffer from sleep disturbances. Among these, as a rule, the following are found ailments: snoring and syndrome obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia, bruxism, sleep and sleep, night terrors and nightmares. Snoring and obstructive sleep apnea syndrome One in 7-10 Russian child during sleep. The narrowing of the lumen of the pharynx, which causes snoring, can lead to a decrease … Read more

Different ways to put the baby to sleep

It happens that parents, exhausted by the little sleep the child, forget the existence of simple ways to put the child to sleep. If you want to learn how to put the old month to sleep, let’s remember some of the traditional methods and look at their characteristics. Massage to the pre-nanna child Baby massage … Read more

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