Sleep Health

Awareness meditation: effective techniques

We suffer from insomnia, and take sleeping pills, but few of us think that drugs do not cure the root cause of ailments sleep and do not solve the problem. And most tranquilizers and sleeping pills also develop an addiction, which only aggravates sleep disturbances and leads to the development of complications. In the meantime, depression and … Read more

Different ways to put the baby to sleep

It happens that parents, exhausted by the little sleep the child, forget the existence of simple ways to put the child to sleep. If you want to learn how to put the old month to sleep, let’s remember some of the traditional methods and look at their characteristics. Massage to the pre-nanna child Baby massage … Read more

Why doesn’t a child sleep?

Difficulty falling asleep can feel every crumb. If your baby is difficult to put to bed, and he wakes up often at night and cannot fall asleep on his own, he should help. The reasons for this state of the child can be set. In any case and for each child of age he can … Read more

Causes of night snoring in a child

According to statistics, almost 5% of Russian children sleep, mainly at the age of 3-7 years. Causes of snoring night in a child? We talk about it precisely in this blog post. If your Russian child during sleep, first of all, you should contact him with an ENT doctor and determine the causes of snoring. Since the child’s airways … Read more

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