Bags under the eyes due to lack of sleep

“ Bags ” under the eyes due to lack of sleep, swelling of the face due to excessive sleep: all this is familiar to many.

How does night rest contribute to the appearance of this defect in appearance, indicates the existence of any violations and how to deal with it?

Morning swelling on the face

Sometimes it happens that in the morning you don’t want to go to the mirror so as not to see your sleepy face “. Most often, the swelling under the eyes is frightening, with which you urgently want to do something so as not to be mistaken for a strong drinker.

The reason for their occurrence may lie in lack or excess sleep. Against this background, redness of the skin and shadows around the eyes, changes in facial expressions and other changes that, in general, give you an unhealthy appearance may appear. Also, the more you sleep, the more visible the swelling is.

When the duration of sleep is insufficient, all changes occur following mild ailments metabolic, but other processes occur during sleep.

When a person sleeps, he is in a lying position for a long time and makes almost no movement.

At the same time, neither the severity nor the work of the “ muscle pump ” help maintain optimal blood circulation quality.

The blood stagnates in the veins, its liquid part partially comes out of the tissues, following which edema is formed.

Night physiological acidosis ( decrease in blood pH ) also plays a role, which also predisposes to the accumulation of fluids in the tissues.

The use of uncomfortable cushions also predisposes to the development of edema after sleep, especially prolonged sleep.

For example, if the pillow is too high, during rest, in any position a person sleeps, his head is in a strongly bent position, deflected or folded backwards, and this stops blood circulation and, once again, worsens the outflow of venous blood.

On the face, the edema “ sleepy ” is best seen around the eyes, because in this area there is the most loose subcutaneous adipose tissue, which immediately reacts to venous congestion which manifests itself and absorbs liquids more easily.

Therefore, to rest completely and wake up without swelling on the face, it is necessary to monitor the duration and hygiene of sleep.

Edema and sleep apnea syndrome

Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome has a very interesting relationship with edema formation, because this disease affects the state of sea salt metabolism.

It is true, in itself, it does not contribute to the retention of liquids in the body, but, on the contrary, to its excretion; such patients sometimes have to wake up several times during the night due to a overflowing bladder.

Disruptions in breathing during sleep, which are observed in apnea, lead to fluctuations in intrathoracic pressure, which prevents the heart from pumping blood and leads to its stagnation in the right parts of the heart, which are “ responsible for ” of lung circulation.

At the same time, the cameras are somewhat elongated ’.

The myocardial cells of the right atrium, when stretched, produce a hormone – atrial natriuretic factor. It improves the excretion of sodium ions and water from the body, which causes a well-known symptom of apnea syndrome such as frequent nocturnal urination.

For this reason, people with sleep apnea usually don’t care about swelling. However, CPAP therapy can cause them to look.

If the treatment is performed effectively, it helps restore normal breathing and blocks the mechanism of excessive excretion of water from the body.

The frequency of night urination decreases and this can lead to fluid retention and swelling.

It should be noted that the sleep apnea treatment with a CPAP device it does not always lead to such a “ side effect ”.

The swelling appears only if, together with apnea, the patient has chronic heart failure. In other cases, the treatment does not contribute to the disorders of sea salt metabolism and also has a positive effect on the appearance of the patients.

Thus, in 2013, a study was conducted in the United States, according to which this treatment method, if used for more than 2 months, helps improve appearance.

The visual evaluation of the photos before and after the treatment, as well as the computerized analysis of the images, have concluded that CPAP reduces the severity of signs of fatigue and makes patients more attractive.

CPAP therapy eliminates respiratory disorders during sleep, helps to get rid of apnea symptoms, such as heartbreaking daytime sleepiness, the phenomenon of snoring and others, and also prevents the development of many dangerous complications.

Therefore, having eliminated apnea, a person preserves his life and health, and any edema associated with therapy is a temporary and optional phenomenon which, if necessary, it can be quickly eliminated by correcting the drug treatment of underlying heart disease.

If you haven’t been tested for sleep apnea yet, evaluate the signs of illness.

In addition to the symptoms already listed, it is a matter of shortness of breath, cough, sweating during sleep, hypertension, decreased power.

If you have anyone on this list, you should contact a sleep doctor.

You can also do a test to determine OSAS.

Night apnea patients should start treatment as soon as possible.

The disease is dangerous, increases the risk of heart attack and stroke several times, it accelerates the development of cardiovascular and other diseases, contributes to the appearance of endocrine disorders and daytime sleepiness with OSAS greatly increases the likelihood of injury or having an accident.

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