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  • Meditation as a method of treating depression and anxiety
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We suffer from insomnia, and take sleeping pills, but few of us think that drugs do not cure the root cause of ailments sleep and do not solve the problem.

And most tranquilizers and sleeping pills also develop an addiction, which only aggravates sleep disturbances and leads to the development of complications.

In the meantime, depression and anxiety disorders are the basis of insomnia in 25-40% of cases, which should be treated differently.

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  • What is awareness meditation

Awareness meditation – a key to solving the psychological problems caused by them, and sleep disturbances.

This psychological technique has taught to understand their emotions and their main cause and develop a new way of responding to a variety of common situations.

Most of the events in our life – are not bad and are not good in themselves, they are neutral. We only give them this or the emotional one ourselves.

If you notice that a particular recurring event, from time to time brings us the same unwanted emotions as anger, irritability, confusion, uncertainty, and you can imagine how you want a different way of reacting to it.

By realizing the desired path of events, we will face the same situation next time, to say the usual emotions “ Stop ” and give a fundamentally different “ answer ”.

From time to time, knowingly changing the response to an event, they have built a new response model. Subsequently, the desired behavior will outline a familiar and even automatic environment for you.

How is awareness meditation

In order to change not only their behavior, but also for the situation, psychologists recommend different ways, one of which is meditation.

There are several types of meditation. To recognize thought patterns, reducing reactivity, improving sleep, reducing sleep times and achieving emotional balance, cultivating awareness and presence in the here and now, it contributes to awareness meditation. In general terms, it is as follows.

You are taking a comfortable location, completely relaxing.

All their attention focuses on the realization of the processes that occur in your body, the mind, focusing on the breath, looking at how to inhale and exhale.

To begin with, you can also pronounce yourself “ breathing ” on the inspiration, and “ breathe ” during exhalation. Do not analyze, do not criticize, do not appreciate what is happening, but just observe and note what is happening for yourself.

Focusing is not necessarily on breathing, it could be any other object or phenomenon, but as practice shows, at first, the easiest way to do this, is focusing on breathing.

Over time, the understanding ability – will increase to understand the very essence of what is happening.

And then you will have a choice of how to react and how to perceive what is happening or not. An important fact: it is only 5 to 20 minutes a day to perform this meditation to feel the effect.

meditation technique anyone can learn, this is a big deal. By using anger management techniques, you can make your life more aware and happy. For example, you stop “ on the car ” get up, wash, have breakfast and go to work, work, and go home.

You can learn to notice what’s going on with you, to find moments of joy and to enjoy life today, right now, getting positive emotions are not from dreams, plans for the future and fantasy and reality.

For example, using the meditation and awareness technique, you will begin to enjoy the flavor of the food you eat, the music, the birdsong, the vision of a splendid scenario on the way of work and many other things that had remained unnoticed by you. It will be a powerful source of positive emotions and allow for all overestimation that happens to you.

Meditation as a method of treating depression and anxiety

awareness meditation helps to find the origins of depression that occurs in many hidden people, which manifests health disorders, nightmares and insomnia. Changing your attitude towards life, you will be able to let go of many situations, stop worrying, experiencing depression and dissatisfaction.

In the end, you will feel much happier, your mood improves significantly. They were surprised to notice how to become more difficult to sleep, but the thought of having to go to bed will no longer cause anxiety in you.

Drug therapy and sleep disorders psychotherapy

Sleep disturbances now known more than a dozen. Unfortunately, while all of them suffice to turn to a therapist and learn the technique of awareness meditation to deal with the problem.

Often the problem of sleep disturbances lies in somatic disease which requires special treatment. For example, the disease stops breathing during sleep – apnea sleep – is treated with a special device, and insomnia in many cases requires not only psychological, but also a medical correction.

If you think your bad sleep, if, regardless of the duration, you don’t bring a feeling of joy, and this situation is not allowed to own more than 4 weeks, it’s time to visit a sleep medicine specialist.

Doctors working in a rehabilitation specialty clinic in Khamovniki, in the somnological center, are profiled in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. Here you will find a global approach to solving your problem. This will help you solve the problem of sleep disturbances in the most radical way.

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